Here at the Connected Farmer, we bridge the gap between gate to plate by creating opportunities for consumers and Canada's Agriculture Community to meet, mix and mingle.


Canadian Food Consumers

As a consumer, you have an interest in wanting to know where your food comes from and how it is produced.  You want to feel confident the food you serve your family is safe and nutritious, and is produced in a way that respects the environment. 

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Canada's Agriculture Community

As a member of Canada's Agriculture Community, you are proud of the contribution you make to feeding the world.  You have a desire to connect with consumers by sharing your authentic agriculture story. Your goal is to strengthen public trust in Canada's agriculture and agri-food sector.  

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This is where the Connected Farmer helps!   We raise the profile of our agriculture clients so they get found and are heard by consumer audiences across the social web and through traditional marketing communication channels.  We help our clients connect and engage with their ideal audiences, helping them to professionally communicate their agriculture story and get key messages out.  Whether the channel is on digital spaces, public speaking, dealing with the media, or any other communication channel, we show our clients how to speak up and tell their authentic story, or we do it for them.

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The Connected Farmer

Consumers are interested in learning where their food comes from, and with the digital age, they have instant and easy access to information.  They are heading over to the social web to conduct local searches and with a click of a button they are finding a wealth of information.  The entities with the strongest presence and loudest voice on the Internet and in the marketplace are the ones that are getting heard; they are the ones that are being served up in search engine results and getting free media attention and publicity.  Currently, there are many proponents out there spreading the word of Canada's agriculture sector, much of which is misrepresented.



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