Farming & Agriculture ... it is more than a job ... it is a way of life!

You start long before 9 a.m. but are still going strong long after the office workday is done. Farming is much more than a job -- it is your way of life.  Whether battling Mother Nature to get the last of the crop in the barn or helping with the birth of a new calf in the middle of the night, it is all part of feeding your neighbours at home and around the world.

You are justifiably proud of what you do and have a great story to tell, but where do you start? 

This is where the Connected Farmer can help - we are here to help you connect and engage with your ideal audiences, helping you to professionally communicate your agriculture story and to help get your key messages out.   Whether the channel is connecting on digital spaces, public speaking, dealing with the media, speaking up online, or any other communication channel, we will show you how to speak up and tell your story through new and traditional communication channels, or we’ll do it for you.


How We Help:
  • We create opportunities for you to meet, mix and mingle with your customers and Canadian consumers
  • We help raise your profile so you get found and are heard by consumer audiences across the social web and through traditional marketing communication channels
  • We help you better understand your customers and Canadian consumers by conducting market, consumer and customer research, then we help you to identify trends and interpret the research
  • We help you grow your domestic and export markets while expanding your customer reach by developing marketing systems and programs that increase customer loyalty and produce consistent results
  • We help you build and maintain customer networks and relationships, improve customer service and sales skills, and develop customer loyalty and relationship management programs 
  • We help you create a strong online presence and share of voice while raising the impact of your website and boosting your overall online marketing efforts
  • We teach digital literacy, marketing, communications, and business development methodologies and best practices to empower you to make informed decisions
How To Be A Connected Farmer

A connected farmer is an agriculture and agri-food ambassador who not only represents their farm or agri-business, but the entire industry.  Farming today means more than growing crops or raising livestock. You also have to tell your story to consumers who are often several generations removed from the farm and agriculture community.

Most Canadians have no direct connection to the farm or an agribusiness, but they have instant access to information about food production and Canada's food system.  All they have to do is touch a computer button or swipe their Smartphone.  The best person to tell them how and why you produce the safe and nutritious food that ends up on their table is you.  We can help with training and consulting services designed to answer the tough questions in a media interview, make a presentation at a service club, start a chat with your neighbour, or present your information on a beautifully designed education-based website that allows you to further educate consumers through publishing articles on your blogs.  Need help raising your profile on the web and increasing your presence in the social media world?  We can help with that too. 


Sharing Your Authentic Agriculture Story 

Farming is an occupation people trust and you can show that trust has been earned on your farm and in your agri-business. How?  Just by telling people what you do and how you do it.  The respect you have for the land, the care you take to treat your animals humanely, and the efforts you make to produce quality food while safeguarding the environment.  That's what your customers want to hear.  There are plenty of ways to tell your story.  Whether its welcoming visitors to your farm, or talking with your neighbor or speaking to a school class, we can offer you training and consulting services that help make you more comfortable and confident.  We can help you start that conversation and speak with ease.


The Social Web

A Connected Farmer is a front-line ambassador within Canada's Agriculture Community, both for their own business and the entire industry.  Social media and digital communication tools like Facebook and Twitter used on electronic platforms offer valuable opportunities to connect with your customers and consumers, but they must be managed effectively.  If your social media accounts focus on spring planting in January, maybe it is time for a tune-up.

Having a presence on social media is now essential for farming and agriculture in the 21st century.  You can engage with potential customers in real time, offering them information on everything from your agriculture and farming practices, to the benefits of buying local. It is about building relationship one like or retweet at a time. We can help you determine which social media and digital platforms are most effective for you when it comes to growing your consumer networks and expanding domestic and export markets.

We can help you keep your social media current and connected. Customers and consumers can follow you for an inside look at life on the farm or within your agribusiness for every season of the year, making your pit stop on the information highway all that it can be.


Public Speaking & Media Training

Most Canadians have no direct connection to the farm or to Canada's agriculture industry, but they care about how their food is produced.  Plenty of information is available with the touch of a computer button or a swipe of the Smartphone, but is it what you want your customers to know? Probably not. That's because the best person to tell them how and why you produce the safe and nutritious food that ends up on their table is you.  We can help with training designed to answer the tough questions in a media interview, make a presentation at a service club, be a panel member at a conference, start a chat with your neighbour, go live on Facebook or Twitter, create a podcast, host a webinar, or launch an informational video series. 


Making It Work For You 

The way potential customers search for information on your farm or agri-business company is changing. We help you develop the optimum strategy for turning inquiries into customers. Change has always been a constant in the agriculture and agri-food business -- the secret is making it work for you.



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