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Helping Canada's Food System Share Their Story & Earn Trust


The Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show bridges the gap between gate to plate by providing opportunities for consumers and Canada's agriculture community to meet, mix, and mingle!  As Canada's first online Agriculture Show, we are helping members of Canada's food system to share their story and earn consumer trust, while networking with the Canadian Agricultural and Agri-Food community.

As a show sponsor and exhibitor, you have the opportunity to connect, engage, educate, generate leads and close new business.  The Connected Farmer virtual show brings together consumers and members of Canada’s Agriculture Community in an online space from the comfort of their home, field, farm or office in real time.

3 Reasons to Exhibit at the Virtual Agriculture Trade Show


Cost Effective & Lasting Impact

The virtual agriculture show offers a full user experience from home, office or any device. It removes the cost of flights, hotels, meals, and post show activities. Visitors only need internet access to connect; there will be no registration costs, and all conference materials will remain accessible until 3 months after the live event has ended. This online presence extends dialogue and helps build a larger pipeline of potential clients, suppliers, and industry contacts for your farm and agri-business.


Increased Attendance By Consumers & Ag Members Who Care

By removing all travel restrictions your booth may receive visitors from anywhere in the world.  They could be your neighbour or a new international customer.  Conduct pre-show promotions and enable worldwide audiences to learn about your products through any digital device. As an exhibitor, you receive a dedicated URL for your virtual booth and a full suite of digital marketing materials for you to promote your booth in your online and offline marketing promotion efforts.


Generate Leads & New Customers

Our virtual agriculture show is borderless and draws from a global audience.  Every visitor is registered in our database. You'll be provided with information on every person who visits your virtual booth. Follow up with them after the show and continue the conversation.

The Virtual Trade Show Experience

The Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show  provides the same opportunities as a traditional show, with the exception that you are not bound by a physical structure in a specific geographic location.  By participating in this 2-day live event, you expand your reach and your presence across the social web, reaching a global audience.  The virtual show is like a traditional show, without the overhead expenses.  Your participation is done from the comfort of your own home, farm, or office, on any digital device, whether it be your mobile phone, pc or iPad.  It's all there, in the palm of your hand, ready for you to connect, engage, build relationships and conduct business in real time.

Like a traditional show, you will need to staff your booth during the live event. You can set your booth hours and promote them in advance for real time sales and engagement. During the live event and for 3-months following the show, you have the ability to continue capturing leads and directing show traffic to your website, Facebook page, or online store to continue receiving the benefits of your investment.  Unlike traditional shows, the Connected Farmer is accessible to attendees for 3 months following the live event.  Your booth is still active with all your show materials in place, available for viewing and download, with lead generation and capture capabilities where consumers and buyers can leave you messages to follow-up with them.

Virtual Environment Tour

Visit the Virtual Event Hall to see participating exhibitors and sponsors. Access an online booth of interest by clicking on it. Scroll left and right to navigate the Virtual Event Hall.


Host a webinar in our virtual auditorium. Educate attendees about products and services, shed light on the myths of the agricultural community.


For any assistance during the event, visit the Networking Lounge and enter the chat room for real-time assistance on any technical or navigational issues.


Visit a booth to view information shared by exhibitors or sponsors. There are various navigational buttons that direct you to different web pages. To initiate a live chat conversation, click on the Chat Tab.


You have questions? Here are some answers! 

Virtual trade shows are designed for online use, designed to resemble a convention centre, with lobbies, networking lounges and exhibit halls. There are booths for showcasing products and services. An online attendee can view demos, peruse literature, or chat with sales reps in real time, attend keynote presentation and network with visitors from the comfort of his/her office.

Connected Farmer Virtual Trade Show is Canada's premier virtual event that connects vendors, producers, consumers and suppliers from Canada's agricultural industry.  The event will showcase products, services, innovations and ideas that surround Canada's agricultural sector.

The show will bring consumers and members of Canada's agriculture community together in a digital space, providing sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to educate, promote, and do business in real time.

At the Connected Farmer Virtual Ag Show, you will have a captive audience where you can educate consumers and earn public trust by sharing your authentic agriculture story.  You can also exchange your contact information and interact with Canada’s agricultural community from the comfort of your farm, field, desk chair, home, or mobile device.

Now more than ever before, consumers are interested in wanting to know where their food comes from. They are going to the web looking for information on the food they eat, ensuring that it is coming from a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly source.

In today's digital communication age, many consumers actually expect to connect and engage with local farmers and agri-businesses on digital communication channels, as they want a direct connection to the people who are growing, producing, processing and selling their food. 


At the online event you’ll be able to:

  • Raise your profile and public trust in Canada's Agriculture industry
  • Interact one-on-one with consumers, exhibitors and visitors.
  • Reach new customers, generate new leads, source suppliers, sell product and close business.
  • Interact in real-time with booth visitors.
  • Increase conversions by engaging with booth visitors using the instant chat facilities and hosting live webinars and in-booth video demonstrations that are available for replay 3 months following the event. 
  • Download product manuals, demos, brochures, videos on your computer for further reference.
  • Connect with your industry peers through audio, video and text message.
  • Attend expert webinars and keep up-to date with the newest products and technologies.

The Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show, itself, is a two-day live event scheduled for November 2018.  Attendees can register in advance, however, no one will be able to login before the show dates.

After the event date, all individual booths will remain open and active for 3 months and available online 24/7. The exhibition booths, for example, could function as a website and exhibitors will still be able to showcase their information while continuing to generate leads and close business.