Posted by Nancy Beth Guptill ● Jul 8, 2018 8:04:05 PM

Consumers Are Turning To The Internet & Social Web For Info On Canada's Agriculture & Agri-Food System


Conversations are Markets


Now more than ever before consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. They want to know whether or not they are feeding their family safe, quality and environmentally friendly food. They are turning to the internet and the social web to search for information.

There are many entities out their speaking up on behalf of Canada’s Agriculture Community of which many are dissenting voices that are spreading misinformation into the marketplace.

It is often those entities with the loudest voice and strongest presence that is being served up in search engine results or being heard on media channels. They are dominating the conversation and the airwaves, quite often due to a lack of presence from the Agriculture Community in the spaces where conversations are taking place.

Online conversations are markets, and there is a great need for Canada’s Agriculture Community to have a stronger presence and larger share of voice in digital spaces in order to be heard in an overcrowded marketspace. There is a need for members of Canada’s Ag Community to speak up and share their authentic agriculture story.

Enter the Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show - we are bridging the gap between gate to plate by providing an online digital space for consumers and Canada’s Ag Community to come together to meet mix and mingle. The primary purpose of our virtual show is to facilitate online conversations and relationships between Canada’s Agriculture Community and global consumers.

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The Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show is a groundbreaking opportunity for Canada’s Agriculture Community to directly communicate with customers and global consumers who are there to learn more about Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-food system.

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