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Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show

Canada's First Online Agriculture Trade and Consumer Show.

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The Connected Farmer Virtual Agriculture Show bridges the gap between gate to plate by providing opportunities for consumers and Canada's agriculture community to meet, mix, and mingle!  As Canada's first online Agriculture Show, we are helping members of Canada's food system to share their story and earn consumer trust, while networking with the Canadian Agricultural and Agri-Food community.

As a show sponsor and exhibitor,  you have the opportunity to connect, engage, educate, generate leads and close new business.  The Connected Farmer virtual show brings together consumers and members of Canada’s Agriculture Community in an online space from the comfort of their home, field, farm or office in real time. 

The Connected Farmer Virtual Ag Show provides the same opportunities as a traditional show, with the exception that you are not bound by a physical structure in a specific geographic location.  By participating in this 2-day live event, you expand your reach and your presence across the social web, reaching a global audience.  The virtual show is like a traditional show, without the overhead expenses.  Your participation is done from the comfort of your own home, farm, or office, on any digital device, whether it be your mobile phone, pc or iPad.  It's all there, in the palm of your hand, ready for you to connect, engage, build relationships and conduct business in real time.

Like a traditional show, you will need to staff your booth during the live event. You can set your booth hours and promote them in advance for real time sales and engagement. During the live event and for 3-months following the show, you have the ability to continue capturing leads and directing show traffic to your website, Facebook page, or online store to continue receiving the benefits of your investment.  Unlike traditional shows, the Connected Farmer is accessible to attendees for 3 months following the live event.  Your booth is still active with all your show materials in place, available for viewing and download, with lead generation and capture capabilities where consumers and buyers can leave you messages to follow-up with them.

With the help of our dedicated show manager and virtual tradeshow team, you are able to customize your virtual booth, branding it with your own colours and outfitting it with downloadable brochures, videos, and webinars. Your booth comes with real time engagement tools where you can instant chat, video chat, text and email booth visitors, where either yourself or the visitor initiates a public or private one-on-one chat.  If you need to step away from your booth during the live event, no worries as visitors are able to leave a message for you to contact and follow up with them later, plus we provide you with a listing of all visitors who stopped by your booth with their contact information for you to follow up with.



1) REACH NEW CUSTOMERS:   The Connected Farmer Virtual Ag Show provides an efficient and effective method for you to expand your reach and visibility online.  By participating in the show, you are provided with a platform and opportunity to speak up and share your authentic agriculture story with a global consumer audience, while also providing you with the opportunity to network and conduct business with members from Canada's Agriculture community. 

As a virtual show, the Connected Farmer is borderless, open and accessible to anyone who shares an interest in learning about where their food comes, and how it is produced.  We provide access and free admission to attendees from a global audience; the show is not restricted to a physical venue like a traditional show. A virtual show mimics that of traditional show with exception that it's borderless, open and accessible to anyone across the social web.

2) INTERACTIVE VISITOR EXPERIENCE:  A virtual show is simple yet intuitive.  It is personalized and eco-friendly, where the attendees are able to attend the Virtual Ag Show at their preferred time to be educated, entertained, informed, and connect with a diverse range of Agriculture Community members, with the click of a button (or a tap on their mobile device).

As show producers, we are responsible for drawing attendees and visitors to the show itself.  As an exhibitor, you are fully equipped with a digital toolkit that will help you draw you draw traffic to your virtual booth.  You receive a unique vanity URL for your virtual booth, which you can use in your pre-show, at-show and post-show promotions, allowing you to drive web traffic to your booth. You will be provided with a digital toolkit that can be used on your website, blog and social media posts to drive traffic to your virtual booth and continue receiving the benefits of your investment in the show.

3) INSTANT COMMUNICATION:  Your virtual booth is equipped with audio, text and video chat capabilities, giving your visitors instant access to easy to use digital communication tools, much like Facebook, so you can connect and engage with your audiences and build relationships in real time. The instant exchanges facilitate meaningful interactions without the need for booth visitors to wait in long lines to speak with you, and it eliminates the chance of compromised efficiencies and customer service standards due to tired and overwhelmed booth staff during peak periods. If booth visitors only have a moment to drop by and say hello, no worries, they can leave you a message requesting that you follow up with them later.

4) FAST LEAD TO SALE CONVERSION:  The Connected Farmer virtual show uses smart selling technologies to help exhibitors manage orders and accelerate your revenue growth like no physical trade show could. A Search Products tab will be provided in the navigation panel that will give access to a comprehensive vendor list that includes vendor products, descriptions and a direct link to their booth to trigger booth visits and swift transactions.

Once tradeshow attendees are redirected to your booth, customers can use audio/video/textual chat functions to communicate with you and your booth staff in an uninterrupted yet responsive setting to discuss their requirements. If you choose to sell products from the virtual tradeshow floor, to complete the sale, there will be an Order Products function allowing your attendees to place order requests from you which are then added to their Shopping Cart.

5) EXTENDED EVENT IMPACT:  The Connected Farmer Virtual Ag Show will be open to all without geographical barriers; this will generate high levels of visitor traffic who did not have to travel or juggle their work demands to participate. Visitors only need internet access to connect; there will be no registration costs, and all conference materials will remain accessible until 3 months after the live event has ended. This “evergreen” online presence allows extended dialogue and helps build a larger pipeline of potential clients, suppliers, partners and industry contacts for your farm and/or agri-business.

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