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Connected Farmer Agri-Educate Events bridge the gap between gate to plate by providing opportunities for consumers to meet, mix and mingle with Canada's Agriculture Community.

Have you ever wanted to take a tour of a dairy farm or walk through a potato field? Maybe you have wondered how cheese and milk are made, or how bees pollinate and produce honey. Do you question the use of pesticides and wonder about how penicillin is used to treat sick farm animals? Maybe you just want to know more about the technological advancements taking place in the industry that helps to produce safe quality food.

If you have a genuine interest and curiosity about Canada's Agriculture community and food system and want to learn more about how our food is farmed, processed and produced, join us for one of our Signature Agri-Educate Events.

Each Agri-Educate event is designed to provide consumers first hand experiences with different members of Canada's Agriculture Community.  It might be a virtual farm tour where you meet different Canadian farmers and producers in an online space, or an actual familiarization tour where you visit Canadian food processors and manufacturing plants where you get up close and personal for a hands-on experience.


Who makes up Canada's agriculture community and food supply system? 

There are so many different members within our community. Think about all the ways people buy and sell food, whether purchases are made at a grocery store, restaurant, farmers market, road side stand, or right from the manufacturing plant. Now think about all the entities that exist that helps take the food from gate (the farm) to plate (you sitting down to eat your meal). There are many entities within the supply chain. The most obvious is the farmer, also known as the producer. There are also farm workers, commodity groups, processors and manufacturers, grocery retailers, trucking and shipping, warehousing, etc. Each member of our community is critical to Canada's food supply and plays a vital role in feeding Canadians.


What do you want to know about Canada's Agriculture Industry and Food Supply System?

Like most Canadians, we know you must have some questions about our agriculture industry and food supply chain. We would like to help you understand the diverse spectrum within our industry. We are fortunate to live in a country with diverse needs, wants, desires and interests, offering many opportunities for both consumers and the agriculture community.

So what are your questions?  We want to know!  Head on over to our  Facebook Page  and post your question on our wall or send us a private message.  We're here to help consumers from all over the world learn more about Canada's Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry!